‘Who cares … call them racists’: Explaining the dishonest attacks on legal scholar Ilya Shapiro

Timothy P. Carney

Libertarian legal scholar Ilya Shapiro made a bad tweet. It didn’t express any bad ideas; it just made an unpopular

Here’s more proof public school administrators in Virginia are harming children

Nicole Russell

My children go to public schools, and they’re doing well. Where we live, the schoolteachers and administrators welcome feedback, and

Netflix gives Munich a revisionist history

Sean Durns

“Friends,” a character intones in the new film Munich: The Edge of War. “History is watching us.” Read More in

What Republicans should say they’re for

John Goodman

At his ill-fated press conference last week, President Joe Biden threw out a challenge to his Republican critics. Biden asked,

From Gale Sayers to Mama Cass, newsman Dick Williams told the stories better

Quin Hillyer

Newspaperman Dick Williams helped publicize football legend Gale Sayers, played basketball in Madison Square Garden, inadvertently helped launch Bill Clinton

As Assad consolidates his control over Syria, regional powers learn to live with him

Daniel DePetris

As Russian President Vladimir Putin considers whether to order yet another invasion of Ukraine, his partner in Syria, Bashar Assad,

How ‘Housing First’ fueled the homelessness crisis

Adele Malpass

In New York City last week, a woman died when a homeless man pushed her onto the Times Square subway

Pandemic-related liability shields are saving lives

Victor Schwartz

Little noticed among the plethora of writings about the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, and other actual or potential drug therapies is

The decline of unions and the leftist blob

Conn Carroll

The Department of Labor released its annual report on union membership last week, finding that the union membership rate fell

The New York Times’s campaign to replace fathers with checks

Conn Carroll

When is a single study showing a tiny effect that is not likely to be replicated worthy of a New